1970 - Now!

Educators To Africa

Celebrating over 50 years of connecting, educating and supporting members across the African Diaspora.

Since 1970

Our small but mighty collective of teachers have worked to empower and uplift peoples of African descent through cultural programming and community investment.

We’ve been on a mission

Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to exploring, preserving, and uplifting African history and culture.

Historically, all groups of American immigrants have maintained links to their homelands, and have supported their native lands’ rights to political, social and economic self-determination. The members of Educators To Africa believe that Africa’s children should do no less.

…But we’re just getting started!

Over the last 5 decades, we’ve launched many initiatives — from book clubs and clothing drives to purveying international humanitarian aid and scholarship funds, but there’s still more work to do!

As we look towards the next 50 years, we’re excited to expand our membership and revitalize our programming to not only connect members of the African Diaspora to to our collective past, but to each other and our future.