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ETA membership has always been comprised of
individuals from many walks-of-life who have a love for
Africa & their African heritage.

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Throughout the past 45 years we have sponsored numerous cultural and educational activities, which are always open to the public. Some of our favorite membership activities are museum trips to Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C, and attending theater productions of interest to African Americans. Especially those with themes relative to Black cultural experiences, such as the works inspired by August Wilson.

ETA has also sponsored seminars and symposiums that have brought some of the brightest minds of the African-American community before the general public. Dr. Kariamu Welsh, Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Rev. Dr. Cain Hope Felder, Dr. Ivan van Sertima, Dr. Molefi K. Asante, and Dr. Edward Robinson and nephew, Pennsylvania State Representative David P. Richardson are a few of the world renowned scholars presented. Our sponsored dialogues focus on current and historical events as viewed from the Africa-centered perspective, which we refer to as, corrective history.

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